Essential functions performed by Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B is essential for proper functioning of several body functions. Vitamin B complex Includes 8 vitamins. Our body can’t store vitamins they are water soluble. Our body demands all vitamins on daily basis for the performing different body functions perfectly. First and foremost function which is carried out by the vitamin B is the growth and development of body.

Vitamin B complex is also good source of energy for the body. Lack of energy effects muscles and tissues of the body. Deficiency of vitamin B leads to anaemia and other many diseases. This complex vitamin is also responsible for the healthy skin and hair growth.

B12 and B3 are in charge of sustaining a healthy state in the body’s nervous system. B12 and B6 facilitate the development of normal red blood cells. Take proper and balance diet to enjoy the benefits of all essential vitamins. Animal products are best source of Vitamin B complex.